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Taking Pride in Defending Your Rights

A criminal record can be devastating. Obviously a costly fine, probation or a prison sentence can have a negative impact on your life, but the consequences go well beyond that. A conviction can affect your ability to get a job, your options for getting a loan and the way law enforcement and the legal system treats you for decades to come.

Williamson County, Texas, has a reputation throughout the region for being particularly tough on those they categorize as criminals. If you have been arrested, you need the attention, care and support of a trusted criminal defense lawyer. I am Dave Howard, Attorney at Law, located in Round Rock, and I have built a 15 year career around helping people minimize the consequences of an arrest.

Comprehensive and Complete Criminal Defense

I take care of my clients. I put in the time to work closely with your case, investigate the evidence, prepare thoroughly for all options and work in and out of the courtroom to fight for you. I will also help you understand what is happening, what will happen next and what your strategy should be to fight these serious charges.

I understand that clients are worried about what is happening and what will happen next. Working with my office, you are never put in a position where you don't know exactly what you need to do. Rely on my 15 years of proven experience and commitment to client service for help with:

If you have been arrested on felony or misdemeanor charges in Williamson County or elsewhere throughout Central Texas, you need a lawyer. The legal professional you hire can make a difference, so make sure you work with someone you can trust.

Helping People Get Back on Track

The sooner and more thoroughly we can resolve your criminal defense matter, the sooner you can get back to the important business of your life. When you need a strong and reliable partner on your side, call my office at 512-218-7999 or schedule a free initial consultation with my office online by completing the form at the top right of this page.

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