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Why You Need a Lawyer

You've been arrested. Possibly spent the night, or longer, in jail. This can be a most upsetting event in your life. What do you do now? Most people go their entire lives without going to jail. You're worried and concerned about your future. This is why I'm here. To guide you through a confusing and upsetting process. To give you peace of mind. To defend you.

There may be legal defenses to the charge against you that only an attorney can find and exploit. My experience and knowledge will make sure that you have the benefit of the law in your defense. If it is possible to get your case dismissed, I can get it dismissed.

The prosecutors in misdemeanor cases will not talk to you or deal with you personally except to dictate the terms of a plea of guilty. In felony cases they won't talk to you at all and will require you to hire an attorney. I have access to the police reports and videos and I always have the ear of the prosecutors and judges in order to act in your behalf.

You may be currently scheduled to appear in court. In misdemeanor cases I can get that initial court appearance waived and can handle the docket to assure that any appearances you do make will be more convenient to your schedule.

You are unfamiliar with this process and are unsure what to say and when to say it. I will represent you in court and prepare you for what is going to happen so that there are no surprises. I will give you peace of mind while your case is pending. If a trial is necessary, I will give you the best representation possible for that trial.

I have been practicing criminal defense since 1993. I am familiar with the process here and I believe I can give you your best chance for a successful defense of the charge against you. I accept most major credit cards. My fees are reasonable and I offer a free consultation in order to examine the facts of your case. You may email me or call me at the number below to discuss your case and schedule your free consultation.

If you have been arrested for a crime in Round Rock, Georgetown, Taylor, Cedar Park, Leander, Austin, Pflugerville, Hutto, or anywhere else in Williamson, Travis, or Bell Counties, please
contact me immediately.